Programm ERP Future 2013 - Research

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Business Management Computer Science
Zeit Business Management Computer Science
08:30 Registration
Alfred Taudes (WU Wien)
Felix Piazolo (Universität Innsbruck)
Opening Keynote: iPad - Windows Surface - Android Tablet - manum dare? Richard Mayr (blue-zone AG)
Richard Mayr (blue-zone AG)
09:45 Coffee break
Business Process Management for Knowledge Work: Considerations on Current Needs, Basic Concepts and Models
(Dagmar Auer)
Refinement of BPMN 2.0 Inclusive and Complex Gateway Activation Concept towards Process Engine using the ASM method
(Jan Kubovy)
Fact Based Modeling in the Cloud
(Peter Bollen)
On the Trade-Off between Flexibility and Extensionality in the Decomposition of Business Process Models
(Dirk Draheim)
11:00 Coffee break
ERP-end user training through e-learning – Where should the user focus on?
(Lukas Paa, Felix Piazolo)
Towards Collaborative Requirements Engineering Tool for ERP product customization
(Boban Celebic)
How Lean Management tools are supported by ERP-systems – an overview
(Martin Adam)
Design of a Questionnaire on Testing in ERP Projects
(Michael Felderer, Johannes Keckeis)
12:15 Lunch break
Elevator pitch
Afternoon Keynote: e-Invoicing / e-Procurement as native ERP features
Christian Huemer (Vienna University of Technology)
Public Sector Performance Management – evaluating the organisational outcome of a Business Intelligence based budget information system in the context of a federal ministry
(Philipp Otto)
Weaving Social Software Features Into Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
(Dirk Draheim, Viktor Pekar)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and improved Financial Performance
(Ayman Bazhair)
ERP Implementation Strategies
(Enzo F. Berger)
15:30 Coffee break
Conception of a Novel Open Source Environmental Management Information System Design to Assess the Availability of Resources: Status quo and Directions for Future Research
(Stefan Bensch)
Positive impacts of private smartphone experience on satisfaction with business applications – a counter-evidence
(Corinna Fohrholz)
Critical Success Factors of ERP Systems: A Consciousness-Based Perspective
(Asmamaw Mengistie)
Towards an End-User Development Tool for Mobile ERP Applications
(Marcus Homann)
Considering Cultural Issues of ERP Utilization: From the Viewpoint of Situations of the Companies
(Kayo Iizuka)
Integrated Campus-Portal
(Martin Pluemicke)
17:30 Get Together / Registration ERP Future 2013 - Summit


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